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PRP For Hair Restoration

Why PRP for Hair Restoration?

PRP hair restoration will require multiple sessions before seeing the full effect and results. This Treatment has the great advantages over hair transplantation surgery which is more expensive, time consuming (patient must sit still for 10hrs for doctor to harvest and reimplant the hair follicles) and is very painful both during and after the procedure.

Furthermore, hair transplantation surgery’s downtime is very long, but our hair restoration treatment has no down time which allows patients to resume activities immediately after. Be sure to complete the contact form below to schedule your consultation with Dr. Adam.

We also offer this treatment for more cosmetic practices at our partner clinic; Burlington Medical Aesthetics.


What is Androgenic alopecia?

Male pattern hair loss or Androgenic Alopecia can present a major aesthetic problem for men and is extremely common via genetics. Androgenic alopecia is caused by genetic predisposition where hair follicles are sensitive to androgens(testosterone).

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Our Approach with PRP for Hair Restoration

Inanna’s approach uses Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to restore natural hair growth. The procedure is both very safe and effective. Our doctor uses U-225 injector device which make the procedure painless. We start with consultation and the first step at your appointment is to draw your blood into Regenkit® PRP tube and have it spin in the centrifuge for 5-minutes. This process will separate all blood cells, leaving a clear yellow plasma and platelets. The latter will be activated before injecting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does hair restoration hurt?

Most PRP providers use manual injection techniques with a needle which is very painful. At Inanna’s, our doctor uses a U-225 injector device which makes the procedure comfortable and painless.

Does PRP really grow hair?

PRP treatments cannot regrow hair from nothing, there has to be at least a dormant hair follicle. If a patient’s alopecia is extensive, the area needs to be “seeded” with transplanted hair follicles.

Is PRP hair restoration worth it?

At Inanna, we use the U-225 injector device because it is well worth it. The treatment shows substantial results in people with thinning hair and significant results in people with alopecia or other related immune disorders.

How long does the treatment last?

Repeat sessions are then needed about every 3 to 4 months for up to two years for best, effective results.