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What is Priapus Toxin™ (P-Shot) and what is it used for?

Priapus Toxin™ is a specialized method that utilizes Botulinum Toxin for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This innovative approach focuses on using the properties of Botulinum Toxin — a neurotoxic protein that can cause muscle relaxation when used in small, controlled doses — to improve blood flow and function within the corpus cavernosum of the penis. The corpus cavernosum is one of the main erectile tissues that fill with blood to achieve an erection. By targeting this area, Priapus Toxin™ aims to enhance erectile function, potentially offering a novel solution for men experiencing erectile dysfunction. Our partner clinic, Inanna Men’s Clinics, is located in the same space as BMA and can also provide ED treatments that are non-invasive if warranted. See Dr. Adam to learn which approach for erectile dysfunction is best for you.

What else can the Priapus Toxin™ be used for?

The Priapus Toxin™ can help with the following:


Erectile dysfunction (ED)


Reduced blood flow to the penis


Challenges in achieving and maintaining erections


Diminished sexual vitality


Premature ejaculation


Weakened orgasms

Platelet Rich Plasma

How long does it take for the results?

Anticipate gradual enhancements with P-Shot as its effects progressively emerge over the days post-injection. The zenith of the treatment’s impact becomes fully evident six weeks after administration, offering you six months of augmented blood circulation and superior erectile functionality. For sustained excellence, intermittent follow-up sessions might be necessary. The expert medical team at Inanna Mens Clinics will guide you through determining the ideal treatment intervals to preserve these remarkable results all dependent on your tailored circumstances.

Why Inanna Mens Clinics for the P-Shot?

Opt for Priapus Toxin™ (P-Shot) treatment at Inanna Mens Clinic with Dr. Abbas Adam for a leading sexual health experience. Dr. Adam, certified in the Priapus Shot, combines top-notch expertise with personalized care. Enjoy innovative, safe, and effective treatments that boost both confidence and well-being under his dedicated guidance, all within a clinic celebrated for its high patient satisfaction and modern approaches.

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